Office Fit-Outs

No two office fit-outs are identical. Different organisations have different requirements for space usage, data capability, quality of finishes, density of operation and capital cost. Working closely with the end user / designer is vital to ensuring the client’s expectations and needs are delivered upon. Danaher caters for all types office fit outs.
Examples of our work in this sector are a complete office fit-out for and Maurice Johnston and Partners in Charlottes Quay in Ringsend and the Oasis Group in Kinsealy Business Park.

Shell and Core

  • Landlord / Common Areas, main entrance, lobbies and lifts

Cat A

  • Raised access floors
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Finishes to internal face of exterior core walls
  • Mechanical and electrical provisions

Cat B

  • Cellular offices
  • Glass partitions
  • Acoustic walls
  • Data / IT / AV requirements
  • Specialist lighting
  • Enhanced finishes
  • Meeting / Reception / Board rooms
  • Coffee stations